Years of experience in tricky situations and dealing with complicated security systems, and with a sense of what it takes to build and make the business prosper, we are able to enable the continuity of your business, making our commercial locksmith service NYC one of the most reliable locksmith services you can find.

In the overall protection of the business premises especially, the video surveillance system has an important function of preventing harmful events. The basic function of video surveillance is deterring the attacker, as well as the subsequent identification of perpetrators of criminal offences. If he sees video cameras on the facade, each burglar will carefully consider whether someone’s property is the right opportunity for him, because he knows that there will be a video recording left and that he may be recognized and subsequently punished.

In a modern era, almost everything that could take the form of a card with an electronic signature did, keys in particular. When it comes to the keys in the form of a card with its own unique electronic signature, we provide security systems that ensure full control and leave you in charge of the entrance and exit privileges.

Monitors are used for real-time video monitoring every possible event, and for the subsequent overview of the recorded material, digital video recordings are used. Downloading images is now extremely easy with the USB interface. The graphical menu with the multifunction remote control contributes to the ease of use.

An analogue or digital video surveillance system can be installed. Comparing the price of the cameras themselves is not enough. It is more realistic to compare the installation price per channel, i.e. the price of the camera cable (and other components that must or may be embedded in the system, such as power supply, PTZ control, audio …) to the recording device or a server. Although the IP camera is usually more expensive than analogue one, this changes if the IP camera intelligence, flexibility, and technical superiority are taken into account. It should not be forgotten that the analogue technique has practically already reached the end of its technological development, and in addition to the aforementioned technological advantages, the IP camera expects development in all directions. This would put an additional burden upon the management that needs to decide which video surveillance system will be bought and installed since the choice of an analogue system would be a riskier one, if you plan to choose the best possible solution for the future of their business.

Video surveillance kit ideal for businesses stationed in flats or for smaller facilities where the surveillance of the space in front of the door is required. The price of the system with installation is very competitive and affordable. Systems like this are easy to expand and can have the capacity to include up to 4 cameras. These products show maximum performance at high temperatures, low light or full darkness, corrosive and humid environments, and in areas where products can be physically damaged.

More complex systems are ideal for smaller businesses, houses, larger flats, offices, cottages, etc. The review and access can be enabled through a mobile phone, with an HD image resolution complete with professional installation.