Characteristic for the current way of living in the modern society is a very dynamic environment with massive amounts of information that one has to process during the day. If you have a business to run, then the pressure only adds up. We understand that in that rainforest of day to day duties and the will to make your life meaningful on one side, and the obligations of achieving the business goals on the other side, it happens that the keys get lost, locks get broken or jammed, which is so stressful. Being left lockout of your place of work with a deadline on your back or lockout of your home after a busy day is a situation which no one wants in their day and yes, it is always an emergency. That is the time when we, House Lockout Services NYC, come in with our reliable equipment and tools to unlock your premises or your home in no time.

Improving the quality of life is the starting point for the integration and automation of all easy-to-use home systems, complete with technological solutions that are invisible and integrated into everyday life.

In order to ensure the proper security solution for whatever the cause of your trouble might be, we use only the best tools and equipment. Choose the best locks provided by Parker Security, and our technicians will install them with the care and professionalism that you deserve. There is a 1 in 62 chance that every one of us living in New York City might be a victim of a property crime. Protect your property in a way that will make you feel safe and protected.

As the video surveillance system has become part of everyday life, by introducing such systems, we facilitate the way we operate, reduce mistakes that arise as a consequence of the human factor, and from the security aspect we prevent unwanted situations or in a professional manner we eliminate all mistakes that are caused by negligent or by some other factors. Video surveillance systems show constant growth in terms of technical improvements and capabilities, so with such great progress, the system has reached a level in which there are no obstacles in solving any requirements you might have. The biggest advancement, video surveillance systems have reached through the introduction of IP solutions, which are becoming ever more important and integral element of today’s larger and smaller projects, as well as of smaller facilities whose investors saw IP systems as the best solution. Today, IP video surveillance systems provide everything that before we could only imagine and what was a science fiction feature. By introducing an IP system that is, in the very beginning, more expensive to the investors, its cost-effectiveness is particularly significant in terms of technical solutions and possibilities, and above all in the quality and size of the resolution, as well as through the reduced number of cameras that are consolidated in one CCTV system, compared to analog cameras.

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, the introduction of this system in the right way reduces the fixed costs that you might have neglected in some accounts, and the highest profitability is achieved through fewer staff members in charge of security, which reduces the percentage of errors that are caused by the human factor. The biggest advantage of the IP solution is that in the right way you reduce the number of necessary cameras to cover large areas, and the extension is much simpler than analogue. It is also possible to perform wireless solutions with special transceivers that are used for video surveillance purposes.

For applications in hazardous and toxic environments, special products such as day/night explosion-proof cameras, IC illuminators, long distance cameras, and advanced burglary detection and access control systems are in our offer. These products are the best solution for every safety, security and communication requirement of critical infrastructure facilities

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