When it is a matter of inaccessible space used for residential purposes, our experienced technicians will get you where you need to be. Professional procedures provided by our staff leave no space for any kind of wrongdoing, which leaves your property and you safe and sound. The security of your home and your loved ones is paramount, which is why residential locksmith service NYC we provide is the best you can find.

Not only do they express that majestic impact to the overall impression of your premises, they are also a strong and resistant obstacle to every unwanted visitor. Iron gates welded by the masters of the trade can be a great element of your security system. Security system addition like this, while increasing the protection level, will also compliment your household on one side, or represent the quality and successfulness of your business.

Your new gate can be equipped with a very reliable engine, available in different versions so that it meets all requirements. The base of the engine can be in the form of an aluminium casing that has a durable cover. It is suitable for intensive use and has a closed lubrication system, a permanent electromechanical switch, built-in thermal protection. The sophisticated and stylish design makes this motor suitable for every type and style of the wing gate. The housing is made of cast aluminium, bronzed, has a self-lubricating endless screw, complete with the reliable and efficient release and locking system and a personal key.

Among the selection of Parker’s security and protection intercom products, we offer a range of solutions for the full monitoring of who, when, and where is getting around your property. Secure yourself with the intercom system that enables you of complete oversight of the activities and persons of interest. In addition to the system configured for homes and residential buildings, we also offer all accessories and additional equipment for a range of audio and video intercom systems.

Building a home-based technical protection system to achieve a sense of personal safety and family safety is often the first thing we are considering. Alarm systems reliably ensure peace and privacy inside the home. In order to make them feel safer and to make their family feel more secure, an increasing number of people use different ways of protection. First among many is the installation of an anti-burglary protection system, such as ALARM SYSTEM in your own house, apartment or facility. First of all, the anti-burglary system enables you to detect burglary attempts at the earliest stage. Detaching attempts to rip door, window or to break glass is achieved by using magnetic contacts and detector that registers the glass being broken. Wired or wireless infrared detectors detect heat emitted by the human body and are used to protect space inside or near the object. The majority of anti-burglary systems available on the market can be expanded with flame, smoke or gas detectors so that the same anti-burglary alarm system alerts of their increased concentrations in the air. Thus, it is possible to prevent the most severe consequences of fire – the suffering of people.